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Seeing the unforeseen follies of autonomous vehicles

18 August 2017

Fully autonomous vehicles? Programmed to be safe, not to crash into me? Hey!  I can ignore it. Drive or walk the street in front of it, regardless of traffic lights.  Deliberately stand in front at an intersection, preventing it from moving forward. Hold a mirror in front of its video or laser sensors - that ought to confuse it.  What a wonderful source for entertainment, tricks, and trouble making. Yup, autonomous vehicles.Norman, D. (2017). Foreseeing an unforeseen consequence. Perspective. Summer 2017, 4, p. 14. London, UK: Plan.

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Interview: Is Tesla Racing Recklessly Towards Driverless Cars?

23 April 2016

Chunka Mui wrote to say he was writing an article on autonomous cars and asked for my thoughts.  He published his article in Forbes , and before I knew it, I was suddenly front and center into the debate about Tesla and autonomy.Here is the article: here is my response to the (fortunately very few) complaints.  People really love their teslas and do not like any criticism.My reply is:Yes, I have experienced Tesla's autopilot (as well as the pre-release models from other OEMs). I also have published several articles pointing out that imperfect automation can be a lot safer than imperfect human drivers....

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Design of Everyday Things, Revised and Expanded Edition (DOET2), paperback and eBook.

Fundamentals (Chapters 1 and 2)  -- now available
This course has design exercises by Kristian Simsarian, IDEO Fellow and head of interaction design at CCA. Reflective thinking exercises implemented by Chelsey Glasson

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I am declining most travel requests not directly related to establishment of the Design Lab at U.C. San Diego. Trips where I have zero spare time are not listed.
  • October  6-7, 2017. Design research meetings. Institute of design, Chicago, IL
  • October 8. University of Florence: "Living with machines,"
  • October 9-13. Tuscany and Emilia Romagna (a few talks here and there)
  • October 16. Universit√† Di Catania.
  • October 17-18. Sicily.
  • October 26-27, 2017. Design Forward 2017 at San Diego Liberty Station
  • October 30 - November 3, 2017. International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR). University of Cincinnati, Ohio. (Giving talks, attending, ...)
  • November 13-17. Visiting design groups at MIT and Harvard. (Cambridge, MA).
  • January 9-12, 2018. CES, Las Vegas.