The Design of Future Things

Design of future things
Norman, D. A. (2007). The Design of Future Things. New York: Basic Books. (November, 2007.) Design of Future Things at

Translations committed to: China (Yuan-Liou: Taiwan); Italy (Apogeo); Japan (Shinyo-sha); Korea (Hakjisa); Spain (Paidos).

Table of Contents:

(Please do not tell me about typographical errors -- these are drafts and have already been rewritten and copyedited, but on paper, so I can't post final copies.)

1. Cautious Cars and Cantankerous Kitchens: How machines take control (A PDF document)
2. Servants of our Machines
3. The Psychology of People & Machines
4. The Role of Automation
5. Natural Interaction
6. Six Rules for the Design of Smart Things
7. The Future of Everyday Things
Afterward: The Machine's Point of View (A pdf document: Was originally named: How to talk to people)