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The Chatsford Teapot System, made by The London Teapot Company, Ltd.

The example -- and the photographs -- were submitted by reader Justin Akehurst, who pointed out that they have all the virtues needed, yet so seldom provided. To quote his email:

"The teapot comes with a built-in tea strainer which is made out of plastic. The mesh on the filter is very fine-grained. I never have a problem brewing a powdery tea with the pot and have pieces leak out and into my cup.

"The teapot has a small opening at the top to allow the tea strainer's plastic tab to stick out, to allow for easy strainer removal.

"The strainer has an opening at the back to allow the tab on the bottom of the teapot's lid to catch on the underside, so that the lid won't fall off when you pour the tea.

"The teapot pours very nicely with no dribbles to clean up."