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Ten Book Recommendations for March 2011

As usual, I have fallen behind on listing and recommending books. Here are ten: each has a separate entry on my website page, and links appear below both to the review (the link on the title) and to the book at

Anderson, R. (2008). Security engineering: a guide to building dependable distributed systems (2nd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub.  Link to Security Engineering at

Cooke, N. J., & Durso, F. T. (2008). Stories of modern technology failures and cognitive engineering successes. Boca Raton: CRC Press.    Stories of Modern Technology Failures and Cognitive Engineering Successes on

Doctorow, C. (2009). Makers. New York: Tor. Download the book (legally) from his website:      Makers on

Gawande, A. (2010). The checklist manifesto: how to get things right. New York: Metropolitan Books.   The Checklist Manifesto on

Johnson, S. (2010). Where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation. New York: Riverhead Books.    Link to Where Good Ideas Come From on

Lukic, B., & Katz, B. (2011). Nonobject. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.   Nonobject on

Moggridge, B. (2010). Designing media. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.   Designing Media on

Morris, I. (2010). Why the West rules-- for now: the patterns of history, and what they reveal about the future. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.  Link to Why the West Rules--for Now on

Pullin, G. (2009). Design meets disability. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.   Design Meets Disability on

Wu, T. (2010). The master switch: the rise and fall of information empires. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.  The Master Switch on