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interview "Designed for Life."
Wendy Grossman interviews me on a variety of topics. Calls me "the guru's guru." But also includes quotes that I never said -- that they made up (shows you how much to trust an interview).

Here is my interchange with Wendy when I complained that my words had been fabricated:

Don Norman:
Numerous people have complained to me about my "British doors" statement. I have had to tell them that: I didn't say that line. It was put in by the interviewer. The article quotes me as saying: "But in Cambridge I became so frustrated with British water taps and switches and door handles - those awful sideways handles on many British doors that catch your sleeves. They don't exist in the US." I actually said "But in Cambridge I became so frustrated with British water taps and switches and doors. The most frustrating thing about it was that no one seemed to care." The rest was added -- I didn't say it.
Wendy Grossman:
I'm really sorry about that -- the editor was demanding details, and you were unavailable. I actually can't remember now (and don't want to look at the piece to job my memory) whether she added it or I did. She moved everything around several times and added a bunch of things (most of which I read, and some of which I complained about), and wanted details, and so on, and then I was away the last week when they were doing the final subbing to page, so god knows what went in.
Don Norman:
I was referring to a very different set of problems (which is documented in POET/DOET)
Eeesh. I am really sorry.