Emotional Design: Why we love (or hate) everyday things

emotional design

The book pops with fresh paradigms, applying scientific rigor to our romance with the inanimate. You'll never see housewares the same way again." Wired Magazine. (January, 2004)

"The major challenge ... Norman explains in this well-illustrated survey of the emotional drivers in product design, is that customers' responses vary so greatly. Product designers need to tailor their work carefully in order to push the right buttons with the right consumers." Harvard Business Review (February, 2004)

2004. New York. Basic Books. Now available in paperback.

Emotional Design is now available in Chinese (from Beijing and Taiwan: both simplified and traditional characters), Italian, Japanese, Portugese (Brazil), and Spanish (from Barcelona). My Japanese colleagues gave it the subtitle "Things that make you smile": neat — too bad I didn't think of that when I wrote the original. (Work is progressing a Russian edition.)

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EXCERPTS: Three chapters are available for reading as PDF files. These are early drafts and riddled with typos. They have all been fixed in the book, so please don't tell me about errors!) :

Table of Contents


Three Teapots (537 kbyte pdf file)

  1. The Meaning of Things
    1. 1. Attractive Things Work Better (245 kbyte pdf file)
    2. The Multiple Faces of Emotion & Design
  2. Design in Practice
    1. Three Levels of Design: Visceral, Behavioral and Reflective
    2. Fun & Games
    3. People, Places and Things
    4. Emotional Machines
    5. The Future of Robots
    6. Epilogue:We Are All Designers ( 200 kbyte pdf file)