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Security and usablity go hand in hand

09 November 2015

Robert Lemos from TechBeacon has written an excellent article on the tradeoff between security and usability: Security and usability go hand in hand: 5 tips to get the development mix right. I'm obviously biased because he spent a lot of time discussing the issues with me (and used many of my comments in the article), but he also interviewed excellent developers who extended my comments and discussed the implementation issues in more detail.

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Positive computing: technology for wellbeing and human potential (Calvo & Peters)

04 January 2015

The design of human-computer systems used to focus upon the negative, the breakdowns that confused and confounded people. Now it is time to move to the next level, to focus upon the positive, systems that are enjoyable and pleasurable. We need systems that delight as well as inform, systems that create pleasure along with useful function. We need systems that are resilient, that promote control, understanding, and sometimes just plain pleasure. The design field has responded by examining the role of emotions and pleasure in design. We need to move these findings into mainstream computing.

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