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Living with complexity
Living with Complexity.

MIT Press, 2011.
The Design of future things

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The Design of everyday things

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The Invisible Computer

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Things That Make us Smart

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Recommended Readings:

Living with Complexity

LivingNorman, D. A. (2011). Living with Complexity. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Amazon.

"As the world grows beyond the understanding of any one Renaissance man or woman, Donald Norman's missive is well timed." Core77.com Review

"Deep and enjoyably nail-hitting insights and recommendations fill his book. ... you will like Norman's calm voice, keen observations and sage counsel about what could be done. Read his book." The Times Higher Education review.


  • China (Simplified characters): CITC Publishing House
  • Taiwan (Complex characters): Yuan-Liou
  • Japan: Shinyosha
  • Korea: Kyobo Book Center
  • Italy: Pearson Bruno Mondadori

Table of Contents:

  1. Living With Complexity: Why complexity is necessary (PDF 385kb)
  2. Simplicity Is in the Mind
  3. How Simple Things Can Complicate Our Lives
  4. Social Signifiers
  5. Sociable Design
  6. Systems and Services
  7. The Design of Waits
  8. Managing Complexity: A Partnership
  9. The Challenge